Non-Dues Revenue for Associations

We have experience selling advertising in association communications for both big and small organizations. We also don’t limit ourselves to digital. If you feel your members will benefit from receiving a tangible product like a print magazine from your association then we will work to deliver just that!

Here is what really sets us apart. The individual that you enter into an agreement with is the same one who will be contacting your vendors and other potential advertisers.

Associations and Non-Dues Revenue: The Power of Publications

The good news is that your association is collecting plenty of revenue from member dues. The bad news is that those funds aren’t always sufficient. That’s where we come in.

Our publishing company is proficient at research and prospecting. We routinely put together marketing campaigns and grow our clients’ profitability.

A Simple Mission

If you partner with us, we’ll consistently increase your non-dues revenue. We know that prospecting is most successful when out-of-the-box thinking takes place.

Boosting Your Publication

Does your association put out a newsletter? If so, we can create a fresh look for it. When we design periodicals, we don’t merely rely on templates. Instead, we craft each layout from scratch. As we do so, we keep in mind the association’s specific needs, the amount of content each edition contains and the frequency with which the newsletter comes out.

Plus, we’ll manage your list of email subscribers and survey them occasionally — so your publication can offer more of the content that people want to see. In this way, we identify and satisfy members’ needs rather than guess what they might be.

Maybe you release a digital newsletter every so often, yet you have members who would prefer a printed version. Fortunately, we can create a beautiful magazine for you. Who says magazines are out of date? Many people love opening the mailbox and finding these old-school treats. And after people flip through the pages and admire the sharp images, your association will really stand out in their minds.

We can also set up email campaigns for you. We have a variety of email marketing software programs, and we’ll select the one that best suits your objectives. And if you already have email software that you really like, we can start employing it ourselves. Alternatively, we could send you the creative material we come up with so that you could approve it, upload it with your software and then send it out.

Further, we’ll provide analytics so that you’ll know exactly how well your email campaigns are performing. However, if you already email your subscribers regularly, it’s probably better to avoid such drives; people shouldn’t feel bombarded.

When working with clients, we never give preferential treatment to those with the greatest assets. Rather, our priority customers are those who need the most help. It’s a philosophy that truly sets us apart.

Contracts Don’t Bother Us

Even if you have a contract with another publisher, you can still turn to us for assistance. We’ll give you valuable advice on various topics.

Then, once your contract ends, we can begin a full collaboration. Soon enough, your non-dues revenue could skyrocket, and your publication could gain more readers ― and raise more money ― than ever before.

Get more features. Get more done.

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Some of PENNY DOUBLED Feature Highlights

Membership Ready

Create Membership Levels and easily restrict content based on member access

Facebook Login/Register integration

Easily register or login with you Facebook account. Everything you need is included, just enable the feature from Admin panel

Live Notifications

Easily add live notofications to your menu and set the auto-refresh time from admin panel.

Unique Design

Buddypress & bbPress have never enjoyed such great attention to detail. Modern and clean design.

Extremely Flexible

You no longer need to be a professional developer or designer to create an awesome website. Let your imagination run wild and create the site of your dreams. KLEO has all the tools to get you started.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

No coding required in building a professional website. Included as a plugin, K Elements provide unique elements to create awesome pages.

Free Updates

Many great features are yet to come to this theme so be the first to know about.

Outstanding Support

Join our happy community, get help and start learning new things. Also we’re constantly improving and adding new features. You get all the new versions for FREE life-time.

Some of our work

We are a fairly small, flexible design studio that designs for print and web. We work flexibly with clients to fulfill their design needs. Whether you need to create a brand completely from scratch or are looking for a design refresh, we are confident that you and your team will be satisfied with the results.


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