Creating a brand new printed Magazine and Managing AD Sales.

Magazine Frequency

We will organize, plan, promote, produce and distribute the Magazine at a frequency that is mutually agreed upon.


To publish and distribute a professional magazine for your association members and/or other designated recipients and to sell advertising to industry vendors. Ad rates will be set up by your organization prior to entering into an agreement with Penny Doubled Inc.


We will promote, publish, and distribute at no cost to the Association a mutually agreed
upon number of copies of each issue of the magazine via standard mail twice per annum.

Content and Review

  • Penny Doubled Inc. Will organize, plan, promote, produce and distribute the magazine under a title set by your association.
  • We shall consult with your association in all matters relating to the physical appearance of the magazine. Such matters include typeface, graphics, design, photographs and illustrations as well as the design and text for the front and back covers. Your association retains the _nal decision on any content provided by them for publication in the Magazine. We shall, however, retain the _nal decision on all matters relating to the appearance and placement of any advertisements.
  • We shall organize, plan, and promote the advertising program by contacting merchants and selling advertising space that will be placed in the magazine and shall be entitled to retain 100% of all revenue derived from such advertising. The advertising to content
    ratio shall be set at approximately 50% advertising to 50% content in each issue of the Magazine.


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